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Conspiracy Cover-up involving the McAllen Police Department in which a mother and her son were killed by gun fire when Police ambushed the son and used the mother as a human shield.
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Statement of Facts

Here we present the events that occured on September 3, 2005, using a document from the first lawsuit presented at U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas McAllen Division found here it is broken into four pages below
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Court Documents

Here you can find the documents that were presented to the U.S. Courts.
Court Documents


Images, video, and offcial Documents describing irregularities


    Gallery Highlights Presented Below:
  • Video - Officer’s Walkthrough - Police Officers version of events, note that Officer Olivarez states that he opened fire first (6 minutes in) and then changes his version of events (at 7:14 in tape) link
  • Crime Scene Images - Evidence Images link
  • Video - Post Shooting Walk Through - Similar to evidence images above link
  • Autotopsy Report - of Nelson & Domainga Saenz, Please note comments made on irreglararities in the PDF documents link
  • Evidence Reports - McAllen Medical Center Report link
  • News Reports / Media - Misinformation, lack of communication, & investigator in charge killed himself link
  • Witness Affidavits and Statements Taken by Police - link
  • Police Evidence Report and Officer Statements - Note irregularities on reports in PDF documents link
  • No Bill Grand Jury - Note descrepancy to Dominga Saenz link
  • Audio - Rene Guerra Hidalgo County District Attorney did not notify or invite the Saenz Family to participate in the Grand Jury and was unsupportive. Rene Guerra
  • City of McAllen Offer to Settle Family's Lawsuit - link
  • Petition for Writ of Certiorari to U.S. Supreme Court link
  • Unanswered Questions and Coverup by Police - current grievances to the way the case was handled link
  • Audio - Hearing on appeal to 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans, Louisiana - link
  • Video - Hearing on appeal to 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans, Louisiana - link
  • Arson Report and Theft of the Saenz Family Evidence Box link


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